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Iron-Away Topping 12" x10 yds

Kimberbell Specialty Sewing and Embroidery Stabilizers are used with Tear-Away, Cut-Away, and Wash-Away on a wide variety of projects. Use Silky Soft Backing for sheers, silks, and other lightweight fabrics, Fusible Backing to add body and prevent fabric puckering, and Fusible Peel and Stick for easy applique.Prevents stitches from sinking into plush, high-pile fabrics like terrycloth and fleeceSlight texture allows stabilizer to grip plush fabricsApply heat with iron and pressing cloth, melts in ten seconds with no residue left on project
Instructions for use:Place down before stitching desired stitch. Use Kimberbell paper tape to hold topping in place during embroidery. To remove, pull excess topping away from design. Cover with pressing cloth and gently press with a hot iron for ten seconds. Remaining topping will transfer to the pressing cloth. For smaller detail stitches, a heat tool held one to two inches away from project may be used to melt excess stabilizer.
SKU: KDST135UPC: 744674001351